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Driveways & Repairs

Driveways & Repairs

Paving Services believe that your day should start, and end, with a smooth ride.

For many properties, the driveway is a focal point from the street. In most cases, it’s one of the first things your guests see. Having a Paving Services paved driveway can not only make a good impression on visitors, but it can also make a massive difference to the street appeal to your home – adding serious value to the property.

While Paving Services works with a variety of paver companies, one of our most popular suppliers is Claypave, a Queensland paver company who has built a name for themselves on producing environmentally-friendly pavers that are both beautiful and durable. By far, the most popular choice for driveways in Brisbane, Redcliffe, Bribie Island, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast is the Claypave 230x115mm clay paver. Available in a range of colours, these pavers have the capacity to complement every home, from the most contemporary to the traditional Queenslander-style home.

We pride ourselves on creating projects that last. To stand the test of time, your project needs to use high-quality materials throughout the entire process. To guarantee a durable driveway, you need to begin with a sturdy foundation. We have found that for optimised longevity, driveways are best laid on a concrete base or a road base/cement mix base – this will keep your driveway looking and feeling secure for years to come.

Enjoy the feeling of pulling into a bump-free driveway – whether it be dawn or dusk. Get in touch with our team today and let’s lay the foundations for heightened street appeal.

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