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Sunshine Coast To Brisbane

Paving Services offer the complete range of paving, natural stone, retaining walls and landscape concreting services.

No matter what make or style of paver you use, paving will enhance the outdoor area’s around your house. Paving can be laid in many patterns i.e stretcher bond, stack bond, 90° herring bone, 45° herring bone, basket weave one and two, diamond pattern, etc to give your paving a different appearance. Paving is an excellent product to use around your house whether for a pool, driveway, patio or alfresco area, a winding pathway through your landscaping, circular paving to stand your garden centre piece on, or just for garden edging. By using the right style of paver you can achieve that Mediterranean, Asian, or European effect in any yard or garden.

Have a browse through our services below to see what we can help you with.

Our services in detail:

Block Retaining Walls

The team at Paving Services specialise in the construction in a variety of block retaining walls of all sizes for residential and commercial customers. Block retaining walls have unlimited applications from aesthetic landscaping to practical reinforcement. The perfect option for turning sloping land into plateaued useable ground, creating garden walls, edging your garden and adding a landscaping feature to your entertainment and pool areas.Read More

Concrete Sleeper Walls

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls are incredibly durable and will withstand almost everything life can throw at them. Choosing concrete for your retaining wall alleviates the concern of rot and termites – which can be a threat to Timber Sleeper Retaining Walls.A Paving Services Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall doesn’t sacrifice beauty for durability. Our affordable sleeper retaining wall solutions are available in a number of finishes. Simply – with a Paving Services Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall, you’ll get the perfect marriage of both beauty and a tough-as-nails structural integrity that’ll keep your wall looking fantastic for years to come.Read More


For many properties, the driveway is a focal point from the street. In most cases, it’s one of the first things your guests see. Having a Paving Services paved driveway can not only make a good impression on visitors, but it can also make a massive difference to the street appeal to your home – adding serious value to the property. While Paving Services works with a variety of paver companies, one of our most popular suppliers is Claypave, a Queensland paver company who has built a name for themselves on producing environmentally-friendly pavers that are both beautiful and durable.Read More


Over the past 25 years, our local team has completed a range of fencing projects. The sheer volume of projects we’ve made happen over the past has delivered us with a skillset that is polished, comprehensive and mode of operating that has been streamlined – making the entire process both quicker and better executed than those who have only erected a handful of fences.Read More


While we are experts in paving and retaining walls, we have a whole range of skills and services that mean we are fully qualified to complete entire landscaping projects. From the moment you contact us, through to initial planning, right up until the final clean-up, Paving Services delivers clear communication, sticks to timelines and delivers exceptional workmanship on every aspect of your landscaping project. We welcome all types of projects, from small refreshes to ground-up renovations.Read More


Australia really is the lucky country. With vast amounts of space, rather than living in cramped shoebox apartments, many of us work at and come home to spaces that offer both indoor and outdoor areas. Creating a paved patio is a simple way to get more out of your outdoor space. With a beautiful patio, Summer entertaining becomes a whole lot cooler, the risk of nasty bug bites from outdoor play is minimised and with a space to enjoy the fresh air, relaxation increases tenfold.Read More

Pool Areas

Our team specialise in outdoor and pool area paving and tiling projects. With over 25 years of industry experience on our side, we know what works.We use clay, concrete and natural stone pavers & tiles with grout made up of sand and cement. We offer a range of pavers pre-sealed to protect them against salt, chlorine and other potentially corrosive substances. Our other pavers are also available to be sealed – to ensure you get the aesthetic look you want and the longevity you need.Read More

Timber Sleeper Walls

Timber Sleeper Walls have and continue to be a popular option for Queenslanders requiring a retaining wall. The two most prevalent reasons for this are the natural look that many homeowners love, and the cost-effectiveness of timber retaining walls. Whether your current Timber Sleeper Wall is beginning to lose its functionality, or you are planning on installing a timber retaining wall for the first time – our local team of landscaping professionals has the talent, equipment, and dedicated work ethic to complete your project on time, on budget and to a superior standardRead More

Natural Stone Restoration

Paving Services are proud to use only natural pavers in our patio and pool area paving projects. Our range spans sandstone, travertine and granite in various styles, finishes, and colors. The earthy aesthetic created by using natural pavers is beautiful, timeless and has the capacity to complement every home’s style – from the edgy & contemporary, to tradition & classic and everything in between.Read More

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