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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Experienced team to build retaining walls in Sunshine Coast

There are very few properties that do not need some sort of retaining walls in Sunshine Coast. Long, short, high, low, and most need to have an aesthetic value to them so that they will enhance the property and not detract.

The purpose of retaining walls in Sunshine Coast is to support soil laterally so that it can be retained at different levels on the two sides. Slopes can create many challenges when designing a functional garden and a usable outdoor space so this is where retaining walls are predominantly used. The structure is designed to restrain the soil to a slope that it would not naturally keep to. And depending on just how much soil (or fill) the wall has to hold back will determine the retaining wall composition, height, thickness and footing depth.

The requirement for retaining walls in Sunshine Coast is many and varied. Essentially a wall for holding in place a mass of earth such as at the edge of a terrace or excavation and the construction must be carefully considered taking all factors into account. Factors like, how much soil to hold back, What is the pressure and potential of increased pressure over time, how high the retaining wall, potential level of dampness on the high side, how to ensure water will not collect at the footings, and so on. Only when these factors are determined can the composition of the wall be determined. Wood, block, solid concrete, timber, or other alternatives.

There is one thing we know for sure from the outset and that is retaining wall construction requirements can be hard to understand. Feel free to get in touch with us and we can talk you through all the details and answer any (and hopefully all) questions you might have regarding your retaining wall requirements.

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